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Server updated to 1.4.1

Shybella a[Owner] posted Jun 10, 15

Server has been updated to the recommended build of 1.4.1 

We applied to many patches and changes to list. Nothing major, just more patches. 


Shybella a[Owner] posted Jun 1, 15

Applied some patches and updates. Changelog below.

  • Avoid NPE during chunk profiling ( crash fix )
  • Check for valid entities on load stage ( crash fix )
  • Add some checks to entityitem ( better compatbility ) 
  • Update to forge 1408
  • Fix for slotless inventories in packet C08PacketPlayerBlockPlacement
  • Safely remove invalid entityitem
  • Fix incompability with obfuscated plugins
  • Block chunk loading during chunk unloading
  • Add TNT punishment ( tnt now moves blocks )
  • Support to disable fastcraft

Posted for people who wanted to know what changed. These types of updates don't usually have changelogs but some people care. These patches improve performance and crashes. 


The server is down for maintenace we are unsure of when it will be back up.

MrScottland [Member] Is the server still down at this moment? Continues to say whitelist only but there are 8 currently on the server.

Maintenance Completed

Shybella a[Owner] posted May 15, 15

We applied several patches that improve and change. Changelog is below. 

  • Allowance to limit {Tile,}Entity max tick consume
  • Fix for SFM's item valve
  • Fix ItemStack fast matches
  • Correctly handle cross world entity teleportation of CraftEntity
  • Fetch UUID only when in online mode
  • Reduced container's lag due to fast itemstacks comparison
  • Modular PowerSuits compability
  • Update Forge to 1403

These changes are mainly backend related. Most are performance improvements. Sorry for the downtime. 

shorty2204 [Member] Thanks for the info Shy. I wonder how many people read all that and go. Uh.... is that English?

Direcraft updated to 1.3.1

Shybella a[Owner] posted May 13, 15

Hey scrubs, 

Direcraft has been updated to 1.3.1. Make sure you update your clients. 1.3.1 is the recommended build. 

Thank you, 

Sorry 4 the wait.