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Direcraft Opened

SeriousVern a[Owner][Member] posted Apr 15, 15


Direcraft.net is now opened. We've gone ahead and finished up some last preperations and allowed people to start coming on.

As the server has opened we have not begun to advertise the server. We are holding back until we work out some final issues so we have a smooth opening for a larger player base. 

Some information to look over about Direcraft and our direction! 

  • 24/7 Survival/Economy Server
  • Random vote reward + exp + money
  • Admin and Player shops
  • Timbermod/Choptree/TreeAssist
  • GriefPrevention with modded protection 
  • GriefPrevention optional town creation ( Make your own town ) 
  • No signup. Join and find a place to build anywhere in the world. 
  • Little to no rollbacks - We have a saving method even for crashes.
  • Most banned items have been patched to work on multiplayer servers. 


Yes, Direcraft has made it's come back from 1.5.2. The server will be launching Direwolf20 1.7.10 (Recommended) version. 

The server will be managed by Seriousvern and Shybella. Many of you know who we both are and you know our style if you've been with us on our many other servers we have launched. If you have not, we hope you enjoy our servers(You will). 

We're both very excited about the launch of Direcraft.net and hope you all enjoy the server when it goes live :)

See you then! 

- Shybella, Seriousvern

craftcrossing [Member] Looking Forward to another Wonderful Server by Shy and Vern! Good Luck Guys!